A Series Electric Explosion Proof Forklift

Use multi-Explosion proof measurements, making forklift more safe and stable and operation more convenient.

Add separate intelligent self-control system, supervising and protecting on alternate temperature, brake temperature and forklift insulation.

The traction motor、pump motor and controller all use alternating variable frequency technology to make higher efficiency and better controlling. No use of contact or carbon brush to make easier repair work.

Plenty features: including head light, turning lights, brake light, emergency switch, alarm light, horn, reverse light, charging plug and so on.

All Explosion proof lights are all use pressure casting aluminum-alloy case, LED cold light source, low heating, long life, high brightness and maintenance free.


Dual tyres

Side rearview mirrors

Other length forks

Wide carriage

Wide backrest

Full free Duplex mast

Full free Triplex mast


Other forklift attachment

Solid tyre